Inclusion Matters Networking Activity

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Networking opportunities through charities and institutions | Potential Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities through charities and institutions

Stem Disability advisory committee (STEM DAC)

  • Provide support across science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine for disabled workers, current and aspiring disabled students and their teachers. They aim to create a culture where all engineers thrive.
  • Run meetings with the royal academy of engineering

Royal academy of engineering 

  • Inclusion in engineering
  • The report focuses on the extent to which engineers feel included on grounds of gender, ethnicity, age and company size.
  • link to report:
  • Summary of the findings of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s report on developing inclusive cultures in the engineering profession
  • Video
  • Run conferences to challenge companies to delivery equality on all fronts. Focuses on the theme of diversity and inclusion in engineering workplaces.

Association for women in science and engineering 

  • A voluntary regional network connecting and inspiring women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. Schedule workshops and committee meetings.
  • Host regular talks, workshops, networking opportunities and have an active online community sharing information through posts on the website, linked in, Facebook and Instagram. 

The IET Womens network: The institution of engineering and technology

Potential Networking opportunities

TARGET Jobs: Future female engineers 

  • Future female engineer events / networking events, Get to ask key questions. 
  • Key insights into companies / recruitment events and the culture of their organisations. 
  • Follow up on all contacts made through the registration process 
  • Loads of guides connected to this website

Neurodiversity friendly graduate employers and how to find them 

Disability confident campaign

Graduate job hunting and neurodiversity: Questions of disclosure and adjustments 

STEM: The engagement of more girls in STEM 

Today, while more common, women are still outnumbered 3 to 1 by their male counterparts. Based on scientific research, this video identifies 5 actions that will help more girls engage in STEM. EPI is implementing these initiatives into its daily work as part of its #STEM4Good campaign.