Networking for Career Development resources

Welcome to the Networking for Career Development strand of the EPSRC Inclusion Matters Northern Power programme. 

There is no formal work associated with your participation in this programme, however we have provided two main areas of content that we hope you will find useful in developing your networking skills and networks.

First, in our Introducing Networking section, we consider what networking is, the benefits of networking, potential barriers to networking, tips for making networking work for you and opportunities for networking for early career researchers in the Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Second, in our Introducing the Inclusion Matters Networking Activity section, we provide information relating to what you can expect in the networking activity, administrative information relating to claim forms and our request for you to participate in the evaluation of the activity.

We hope that you find this information useful and we are happy to receive your comments on this content.

Introducing Networking

What is networking and how to do it.

Inclusion Matters Networking Activity

Information from the Inclusion Matters networking activity.