Meet the team

Principal Investigator

Professor Colin Bain
Durham University


Dr Helen Cramman
Durham University
Professor Judith Rankin
Newcastle University
Dr Sharron Kuznesof
Newcastle University
Dr Roger Penlington
Northumbria University
Mr John Holmes
Northumbria University
Professor Vania Dimitrova
University of Leeds
Professor Stephen Scott
University of Leeds

Project Director

Professor Simon Gardiner
Durham University

Project Co-Ordinator

Rachel Archbold, Durham University

Project Officer

Julie Wilson, Durham University

Project Support Officer

Julia Guy, Durham University

Work Packages:

WP1: Shared Characteristics Mentoring

WP2: Reciprocal Mentoring

WP3: Online Platform

WP4: Networking and Leadership Development

WP5: Industry Collaboration

WP6: Research Programme

Industry Partners

The Northern Power Inclusion Matters project has a number of Industry Partners, including:

The eight industry partners listed above bring to the project experience from across a range of sectors. They are actively investing in their employees, who are committed to equality and who appreciate the benefits that diversity can bring. They show examples of building workplaces that value diversity and inclusion. They are recognised for their best practice in approaches to LGBTQ equality, inclusive recruitment and gender balance within their workforce and amongst leadership teams. Several of our industry partners are actively involved in prominent UK equality and inclusion initiatives and have received national and global awards for their approaches to inclusion and equality.