Making the most of mentoring

Modern mentoring

Making the most of mentoring

How To Make the Most of a Mentoring Relationship (podcast)

The power of mentoring

TED X Talk by Reggie Nelson. Discussing his personal hardship throughout his teen years and how a mentor was significant to his career development and entrepreneurship.

No one is talking to the Mentees

TED X Talk by Victoria Black. Discussions on ‘mentorability’ and reciprocity.

Mentoring factsheet

Coaching and mentoring factsheet from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Why Reciprocity Improves Mentor Mentee Relationships

Short video with writer Simon Sinek, addressing importance of mentoring being mutually beneficial, regardless of power dynamic, seniority etc. (Video source)

The Power of Reciprocity for Inclusive Leaders Blog

The definition and importance of reciprocity, and how reciprocal mentoring can lead to greater diversity and inclusivity.

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What evidence is there that mentoring works? (Peer-reviewed journal)

What evidence is there that mentoring works to retain and promote employees, especially diverse employees, within a single company? American case study highlighting benefits and limitations of mentoring for diversity.

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