Personal Branding for Academics

Resources from ‘Personal Branding for Academics’ Workshop 1 Feb 2020

An Introduction to Personal Branding by John Holmes. 

John asked our participants in February to reflect on the nature of personal branding, what brand you might want to portray, and what elements of personal brand that you may have unintentionally. 

The first part of our workshop was designed around considering how you might want to be seen by potential collaborators, how your brand could help you develop links with collaborators, and how you might want to shape and control your personal brand.

Why You Need a Personal Brand

Simon Raybould: Communicating with Others / Giving Presentations

To develop collaboration working you might have to communicate your ideas with people who are outside of your discipline. You might have to convince people your research can be applied to their business. You might have to try to win funding. Simon shares some tips for engaging your audience when presenting your ideas.

Simon Raybould 1
Simon Raybould 2
Simon Raybould 3

Reflecting on the ‘take away’ points from the day

  • We all have a personal brand. How do you want to be seen?
  • Be clear about your own brand and what you can offer to potential collaborators.
  • Be confident in how you engage with industry and others. Know your stuff and use suggested techniques to help you appear and feel confident in your communications.
  • Think carefully about who your audience is. What will they be interested in hearing/reading about?
  • Make use of the networks available to you.
  • Think about where/how you invest your time.