Reciprocal Mentoring

We are offering, a cross-institutional reciprocal mentoring scheme for participants from under-represented groups in EPS disciplines across all career stages. For example, this could include matching an Early Career Researcher with a Head of Department in a partner University. We hope this will be a mutual learning experience where both mentors can discuss their experiences, share knowledge and best practice. Senior staff can provide career advice and learn more about the difficulties some under-represented groups face.

Before taking part, please ensure you have read our participant information sheets, by following the links below, and the IM Privacy notice Stage 1 Registration and baseline evaluation survey.

See Eligibility and Process for further detail.

What are the benefits of being involved for an Early Career Researcher?

  • Career development
  • Research advice
  • Shadowing opportunities
  • Exposure to decision makers and decision making
  • Increased understanding of leadership roles and career progression
  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • Impacting cultural change within the University and beyond

Participant Information Sheet for Mentor (early career researcher): Reciprocal Mentoring

What are the benefits of being involved for a senior leader?

  • Personal development
  • Opportunities to learn about the challenges and barriers early career researchers from under-represented groups encounter
  • Potential to use this learning to effect change within the organisation
  • Supporting the progression of under-represented groups
  • Ability to share excellence and good practice

Participant Information Sheet for Mentor (senior leader): Reciprocal Mentoring